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Collagen Type 0

A revolutionary platform for tissue engineering & regenerative medicine

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Our Collagen Type 0 is universal, allowing greater use across multiple applications.

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Benefits of Collagen Type 0

Jellagen’s collagen-based innovation addresses complex tissue engineering and regenerative medical needs, helping to shape next-generation medical treatments alongside current and future scientific research.


Compatible with a broad range of cell types and is an ideal biomaterial for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.


Derived from jellyfish, avoiding religious and safety concerns over the use of mammalian collagen and disease transfer.


Translatable from in-vitro to in-vivo studies, due to its biocompatibility.

Structurally Intact

Proprietary extraction technique that maintains characteristic triple helix.

Ethically Derived

Raw materials are sourced ethically and environmentally consciously.


Claims and performance are verified by application-specific scientific data.

Common Applications

Icon tissue engineering

Tissue Engineering

Icon wound repair

Wound Repair

Icon bone repair

Bone Repair

Icon cartilage repair

Cartilage Repair

Icon implantable devices

Implantable Devices

Icon cell culture

Cell Culture