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Infographic: Cancer Spheroids on JellaGel™


Our helpful infographic below shows JellaGel can:

  • Immediately form cancer spheroid structures
  • Produce spheroids that are spherical and uniform in size
  • Help simplify the process, with JellaGel’s easy to use protocol
  • Advance your disease modelling research

About JellaGel™

JellaGel™ is a Next Generation Jellyfish Collagen Hydrogel for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering, offering customers a natural, non-mammalian alternative to mammalian and synthetic hydrogels currently on the market.

JellaGel provides customers with a biochemically simple, consistent, and easy to use hydrogel that can transform their research. One of the greatest features of JellaGel is that it can be used at room temperature meaning there is no need for ice or cold rooms, unlike some hydrogels currently on the market. JellaGel is manufactured from Jellyfish collagen, which can be defined as “collagen type 0” due to its homogeneity to the mammalian types I, II, III, V, and IX.

This product is conveniently supplied in kit format with 10ml JellaGel solution, buffer and crosslinker for ease of use.

Cancer Spheroids on JellaGel