News > Jellagen® extends coverage in Asia Pacific with new distributor agreements

Jellagen® extends coverage in Asia Pacific with new distributor agreements

  • Biowire to become exclusive Jellagen Agent representative in the APAC regions.
  • GeneX India Biosciences takes over exclusive distribution activities of Jellagen product range in India.
  • Meditop becomes the exclusive Jellagen distributor covering South Korea.


Jellagen® Limited, a marine biotechnology company manufacturing high value collagen derived from jellyfish, today announced that it has signed agreements with Biowire, GeneX India Biosciences Pvt. Ltd (GeneX India) and MediTop. Both Meditop and GeneX will act as exclusive distributors of Jellagen’s products and services across their respective regions of India and South Korea.

To fast-track its presence in the region, Jellagen partnered with Biowire, a consulting firm specialized in the development of distribution networks and revenue generation for life science tools companies in Asia-Pacific.

Thanks to this partnership, Jellagen’s global footprint is rapidly expanding since the launch of its new product range and the agreement with GeneX India and Meditop are key steps towards a full coverage of Asia-Pacific.

Thomas-Paul Descamps, CEO of Jellagen commented:

We are delighted to have signed this partnership with Biowire which give us a privileged access to this remote and fast-growing region of the world. As the first results of this collaboration, we are very proud to have GeneX and MediTop on board and look forward to jointly providing researchers and therapeutic modality developers across Asia with our state-of-the-art cell culture technologies and services, and ultimately to enable the development of innovative cell therapy modalities.”

Bertrand Coissac, Managing Director of Biowire Limited added:

“Asia-Pacific based research on regenerative medicine and cell therapy has been paving the way for new therapeutic modalities in the past years. Jellagen’s product range offers unique advantages for these applications. We are excited to participate to the acceleration of translational research projects toward therapeutic solutions. The partnerships with GeneX India and Meditop are opening new perspectives for Jellagen growth and we will soon finalise agreements with top level partners for Jellagen to access the markets of the rest of Asia”.

Felix Paul, Managing Director GeneX India Biosciences added:

“GeneX is committed to bringing the highest quality products to the market, with dedicated local customer service and support. The agreement with Jellagen supports this mission on a market we are highly connected with and innovative products than can make a difference. We are very proud to be working with the team to ensure researchers in India can benefit for this leap forward in cell culture and regenerative medicine

Seong Sik LEE, CEO of MediTop said:

“Meditop is among the largest distributor of life science tools in South Korea with a focus on cell culture and translational applications. We are excited to be able to supply researchers in Korea the Jellagen product range for which demand picked during our evaluation of the market appetite. I am looking forward to work with the team of Jellagen and Biowire to bring this technological innovation and to further support the development of cell therapy.”  

About Biowire Limited

Biowire is consulting firm founded in 2011 based out of Hong Kong and with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, Kobe, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney. Biowire is a gateway for life science tools companies to launch products across the highly competitive markets of cell and gene therapy development, protein production and stem cell research in Asia-Pacific. The company expertise lies in market entry strategy development and execution, partnership management, sales generation and people motivation.

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 About GeneX India Bioscience

GeneX India was founded in 2004 as a distributor of cell culture products, later they added products for molecular biology and complete biotechnology research. Its primary focus is in the field of Bio-science Research Institutes, Molecular Diagnostic Labs, Biopharmaceutical R&D, Biotech Contract Research & Development Centres. GeneX will exclusively distribute Jellagen’s product range within India.

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About MediTop

MediTop is a Life Sciences tools distribution company based in Seoul addressing researchers needs to develop lifesaving drugs in Korea. The company was founded in 1998 and carries top level brands such as 3M, pharmaceutical OEM, laboratory reagents, infection prevention solutions and medical devices. Meditop will exclusively distribute Jellagen’s products within Korea.