Cavity Wound Healing (CWH)


Chronic cavity wounds are classified as wounds that do not heal within a reasonable period (3 months). These wounds include diabetic foot ulcer (DFU), venous leg ulcer and pressure ulcers affecting 1-2% of the global population (2.8M people in the UK in 2018). Costs of managing chronic wounds is forecast to rise dramatically due to several causative factors including the increasing ageing population, diabetes incidence and sedentary lifestyles.  

Effective management of chronic cavity wounds is challenging for both the clinician and patient. The underlying disease associated with chronic wounds (e.g. diabetes) often impairs the body’s natural wound healing processes and negatively impacts quality of life. These painful, often debilitating, wounds cause severe physical and emotional stress to patients and have been estimated to cost the NHS £5.3 billion per annum [Guest et al, 2015]. In the United States alone, these wounds affect an estimated 2.4–4.5 million people [Brownrigg J.R et. al. 2015].  

Wound studies conducted by Jellagen have shown compelling evidence of the potential of Collagen Type 0 as an effective wound healing agent in diabetic (db/db) wound models. 

Results from these studies have shown that Collagen Type 0 formulations, acted as a template scaffold for granulation tissue formation, enabling 

  • Uniform ingress of cells – balanced inflammatory & proliferative cells 
  • Good vascularisation 
  • New structurally competent, robust and mature matrix (host collagen) deposition between powder fibres. 
  • Cellular proliferation evident throughout  
  • Ongoing macrophage activity
  • Appeared not to compact /contract the wound offering clinical benefit (reduced disfiguration)

Tissue scaffolding capability of Collagen Type 0 offers initial potential clinical use for treatment of chronic cavity wounds offering an addressable market of $600 Million. 

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