Our Collagen Type 0 has a large range of in vivo and in vitro applications and can be supplied in a range of formulations to suit any project.

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Liquid Collagen Type 0

Liquid Collagen

Collagen Type 0 Liquids at a range of concentrations dependent on the user’s needs (illustration shows concentrations from 5 to 15 mg/mL) and can be produced and supplied for applications in areas such as bioprinting and tissue engineering.

Collagen Type 0 Hydrogel

Collagen Hydrogels

Neutral, isotonic solutions of Collagen Type 0 results in the formation of viscous liquids that can be formulated into viscoelastic 3D hydrogels that can be administered through various routes, including as an injectable (utilizing crosslinking technology). 

We also supply our ready to use JellaGel kits.

Collagen Scaffolds

Collagen Scaffolds

Freeze-dried collagen solution forms a highly porous, flexible 3D scaffold that can be generated in various shapes and sizes dependent upon the application. The resulting scaffold can be crosslinked using a range of chemistries and with differing densities to control both the physical and biological properties of the resulting construct. These can be utilized for the culture of cells and tissue engineering. 

Collagen Type 0 Dressings

Collagen Dressings

Wound dressings and patches can be prepared from Collagen Scaffolds (including composite scaffolds)

Collagen Type 0 Flowable Matrix

Flowable Collagen Matrix

Collagen powder can be formulated into an injectable device / flowable matrix through suspension in solution according to customer requirements. Flowable collagen matrix can be used as a wound or dermal filler. 

Collagen Type 0 Powder

Collagen Powder

Micronised collagen powder can be generated to a range of size specifications and with chemistries that are tailored to the user’s requirements.  

For more information on our collagen formulations and applications, please contact us.