Partnerships & OEM

Jellagen’s mission is to replace mammalian & synthetic collagen sources with our sustainable and biocompatible Collagen Type 0. We have established ourselves as leaders in the collagen space through internal research and collaborations with leading academic institutions.

We are open to both academic and industry partnerships with forward-thinking organizations who want to benefit not only from our innovative, new collagen source, but also our expertise.

Our jellyfish collagen-based innovation addresses complex regenerative medical needs, shaping next generation treatments and supporting current and future scientific research.

At the heart of our products is Collagen Type 0, an evolutionary ancient stem collagen derived from jellyfish that is universal, allowing greater flexibility across multiple applications.

Unlike alternative collagens where the “type” is specific to the end application, Collagen Type 0 is not, due to its evolutionary lineage. For this reason, it can be classed as the “stem of all collagens”.

Jellagen is ISO13485:2016 certified and works towards GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) principles. This certification allows our partners to have full confidence that Jellagen operates to the highest manufacturing and management standards. Our business integrates every part of the Supply chain, with full control of every aspect of harvesting, manufacturing, R&D and commercial operations.

Our company is ideally suited to partner with companies looking for:

  • A materials supplier: Jellagen produces raw materials that can be integrated into our customer’s production processes.
  • Customer-specific contract development (OEM): Jellagen’s expertise can help optimize processes and device design to take advantage of our existing product properties. Our scientific team has extensive experience in collagen chemistry, collagen characterization, aseptic processing and cell therapies. This expertise can be used to develop collagen unique products, which include collagen gels, sponges, sheets and powders.
  • Partnerships: Jellagen manufactures products that are available for private label distribution/licencing by our customers.

Current Projects

Jellagen is looking for industrial partners to co-develop and launch products in the following areas:

Vocal Cord Paralysis (VCP)

Vocal Cord paralysis is the inability to move the muscles that control the vocal cords and is caused by injury to one or both recurrent laryngeal nerves (RLNs), which control most of the muscles of the larynx.

Our solution is a Collagen Type 0 bulk injection laryngoscopy filler that has shown compelling medical benefits over current treatment therapy (San Marina. S., et al. Laryngoscope 2021).  In this study, we found that Collagen type 0 medialization volumes were 40% and 100% greater compared to micronized human cadaveric dermis and cross-linked hyaluronic acid respectively.  Data also confirmed that no overt adverse reactions were noted with Collagen Type 0 or human cadaveric dermis, whereas hyaluronic acid injections were associated with higher frequency of myocytic loss.

Find out more about the VCP project here.

Cavity Wound Healing (CWH)

Chronic cavity wounds are classified as wounds that do not heal within a reasonable period (3 months). These wounds include diabetic foot ulcer (DFU), venous leg ulcer and pressure ulcers affecting 1-2% of the global population (2.8M people in the UK as of 2018).

Wound studies conducted by Jellagen have shown compelling evidence of the potential of Collagen Type 0 as an effective wound healing agent in preclinical diabetic (db/db) wound models. Results from these studies have shown that Collagen Type 0, acted as a template scaffold for granulation tissue formation.

Find out more about the CWH project here.

Collagen Type 0 Formulations & Applications

Our Collagen Type 0 has a large range of in vivo and in vitro applications and can be supplied in a variety of formulations to suit any project.


  • Liquid Collagen
  • Collagen Hydrogels
  • Collagen Dressings
  • Flowable Collagen Matrix
  • Collagen Scaffolds
  • Collagen Powder


Collagen Type 0 Formulations

Find out more about our Collagen Formulations here.



  • Bone graft substitutes 
  • Dental membranes 
  • Dental plugs 

Wound Care

  • Collagen dressings and powder 
  • Flowable scaffolds 
  • Skin substitutes 
  • Wound & burn grafts 


  • Vascular grafts 
  • Vascular closure devices 

General, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

  • Dermal fillers 
  • Suture line reinforcement 
  • Hernia repair  
  • Breast reconstruction 

Central Nervous System/Neurological

  • Nerve wraps


  • Dural 
  • Ophthalmic 
  • Oncology 
  • 2D & 3D Cell Culture 

For more information on partnering and OEM opportunities with Jellagen,
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