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JellaGel™ is a Next Generation Collagen Type 0 Hydrogel for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering, offering customers a natural, non-mammalian alternative to mammalian and synthetic hydrogels that are currently on the market.

Hydrogels are an important tool in a researcher mission to grow and maintain cells successfully. Two-dimensional cell culture has been used for some time now, but growing cells in flat layers on plastic surfaces does not accurately model the in vivo state. Hydrogels allow cells to grow and interact with all of their surroundings thanks to the 3D environment. Cells grown in 3D models have proven to be more physiologically relevant, with improved cell viability, morphology, proliferation, and differentiation.

JellaGel provides customers with a biochemically simple, consistent, and easy to use hydrogel that can transform their research. One of the greatest features of JellaGel is that it can be used at room temperature meaning there is no need for ice or cold rooms, unlike some hydrogels currently on the market. JellaGel is manufactured from Jellyfish collagen, which can be defined as “Collagen Type 0” due to its homogeneity to the mammalian types I, II, III, V, and IX.

This product is conveniently supplied in kit format with JellaGel solution, buffer and crosslinker for ease of use.

Product numbers

  • JGEL5ML - (Sample)
  • JGEL10ML
  • JGEL100ML

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Biochemically Simple No unwanted/undefined growth factors or biological
contaminants that could negatively influence the
culture of cells . Although biochemically simple, other
biological agents (e.g. growth factors) can be added to
JellaGel to provide a specific biological response (e.g.
Non-mammalian & disease vector free Collagen Type 0 derived from Jellyfish, avoiding the ethical and safety concerns associated with mammalian collagen.
Translatability Suitable for translation from in vitro to in vivo applications.
Batch to batch consistency Offers improved research productivity allowing security of product consistency and reproducible results.
Evolutionary ancient collagen demonstrating sequence homolgy to collagen I, II, III & V Universal applications for multiple cell types and regenerative medicine.
Produced in a ISO13485:2016 facility Manufactured in a controlled and safe environment, fulfilling the expectations of customers and regulatory requirements.
Inert Material Cleaner at miRNA level when compared to mammalian alternatives giving customers a cleaner cell culture with less off-target effects.
Easy to use An easy to use hydrogel that doesn't require the use of
ice or cold rooms. JellaGel can be formulated into a self sustaining
hydrogel at room temperature.
Format 5ml, 10ml, 100ml
Collagen Collagen Type 0 derived from Jellyfish
Serum level Serum free
Storage: JellaGel Solution & Buffer Store at 2-8°C
Storage: Crosslinker Freeze on arrival
Shelf life 12 Months
Turbidity Clear to Opaque
Bioburden <5 CFU/ml
pH 2.5-4.0
Clarity Translucent
pH 7.3 - 7.6


Consult the user guide and protocol before using JellaGel.

PLEASE NOTE: The protocol is for gelling the material only, different applications, quantities and set up can be used.

Please contact us for any assistance.

Download JellaGel User Guide & Protocol – 5ml

Download JellaGel User Guide & Protocol – 10ml

Download JellaGel User Guide & Protocol – 100ml

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MCF7 Breast Cancer Spheroids on JellaGel

JellaGel Breast Cancer Spheroid

JellaGel was used to grow MCF7  Breast Cancer Spheroids in 3D

Spheroidal structures were formed immediately using JellaGel and could be readily imaged without extensive optimisation. Spheroids formed were spherical and uniform in size.

Biometrology Research Lab, National Physics Laboratory, Dr Max Ryadnov (Principle Research Scientist), Dr Nilofar Faraqui (Higher Research Scientist), Dr Nilofar Faraqui (Higher Research Scientist), Dr lbolya Kepiro (Higher Research Scientist).

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Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) in JellaGel

Mesenchymal Stem Cells on JellaGel

Confocal microscopy of MSCs grown in JellaGel using LIVE/DEAD staining indicates the prevalence of large populations of healthy cells throughout the gel.

Dr. Ben Ede from the Cancer Stem Cell group of Dr. Allison Blair in the School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine at the University of Bristol.

2D Confocal Microscopy Imaging:
Dr Nilofar Faruqui, Dr Ibolya Kepiro and Dr Max Ryadnov, Biometrology Research Group, National Physics Laboratory (NPL)

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