Collagen Type 0 Whitepaper


Find out how Collagen Type 0 can revolutionise Regenerative Medicine

Collagen from jellyfish predates the mammalian form by around 600 million years, when jellyfish first came into existence. Mammalian collagen is highly specialised to satisfy the biochemical requirements of mammals’ complex physiological systems. Collagen from jellyfish has been categorised as Collagen Type 0, which now offers a revolutionary biomaterial for regenerative medicine, that has been 600 million years in the making.

In this whitepaper we will explore

  • Where Collagen Type 0 comes from
  • Properties of Collagen Type 0
  • Biocompatibility and anti-inflammatory properties of Collagen Type 0
  • In Vivo wound case study
  • Clinical Applications for Collagen Type 0

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Collagen Type 0 Whitepaper