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Clash of The Collagens

How do you know which collagen substrate is suitable for your research?

This infographic will help you compare the four main types of collagen: Jellyfish, Rat Tail, Bovine & Porcine.

In this infographic we will cover…

  • Evolutionary history
  • Research history
  • Collagen types
  • Physiology
  • Immunogenicity
  • Non-exogenous contaminants
  • Product lines
  • Sustainability
  • BSE & disease vector free
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Quality Control
  • Translatability for human trials


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How to avoid cell culture failure in the lab

As we know, culturing cells can be a complex and time-consuming task with the potential for cell culture failure and additional high costs.

This infographic could help you identify risk factors and minimise them, to increase your chances of cell culture success.

Did you know each cell culture can cost anywhere from $100 -$900 depending on the application? The need to have consistent and reproducible results are bigger now, than ever before.

We take a look at ways to build a more profitable, efficient and successful lab, by looking at; record keeping, storage and light exposure, to name just a few. All of these could have serious knock on effects such as reduced revenue, delays and reputation damage.


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JellaGel Infographic – (mESCs), (MSCs), Cancer Spheroids (Breast Cancer Cells (MCF7)

Our helpful infographic shows JellaGel can:

  • Support growth of Mouse embryonic stem cell (mESCs) clusters in 3D
  • Outperform the market leading ECM with the culture of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs).  Application note also available here.
  • Successfully culture cancer spheroids (Breast Cancer Cells (MCF7) in 3D


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JellaGel Infographic – Cancer Spheroids (Breast Cancer Cells (MCF7)

This infographic shows:

  • JellaGel is an excellent alternative ECM for the culture of Cancer Spheroids.
  • JellaGel and Matrigel comparison
  • Spheroids and challenges associated with culturing them successfully


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