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Why cells love collagen!

We are excited to be joined by Mike Barbeck who has a long experience in regenerative biomedical research working at institutes in Germany. His research focused on the principles of biomaterial-mediated tissue regeneration (mainly many different bone substitute materials and collagen materials) resulting in many papers in peer-reviewed journals.

His research has led to further elucidation of cellular fundamentals of the foreign body response to different biomaterials.


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What cells need to grow

Growing cells for your research programs is no easy task: every cell type requires its own bespoke conditions. To successfully culture, it is vital to know the requirements of the chosen cell type.

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • Cell culture basics and what a cell needs to grow well: methods, organ culture, media to use according to different cell types
  • iPSC-derived microglia: a case study of cells being cultured thanks to Jellyfish Collagen


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How to improve consistency in the lab through natural history

Natural history has managed to influence many things within our culture and society, but have you ever wondered how natural history can impact the results in your lab?

What you will learn during this webinar:

  • Animal natural history and biological overview
  • The consequences of inconsistencies within cell culture
  • Why jellyfish offer a neutral and consistent alternative


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