The importance of collagen for cell culture

Jellagen recently spoke to Mike Barbeck, Co-Founder of Berlin Analytix about the important role collagen provides in successful cell culture.

In this video, Mike covers; collagen’s role in cell culture, choosing the correct collagen for your application, the future of regenerative medicine and shares his opinions on the many types of collagen available today.

Mike Barbeck, Co-Founder of BerlinAnalytix: Expertise in biomaterials

Mike has 15 years’ experience in regenerative biomedical research working at institutes in Germany. He worked on research of the principles of biomaterial-mediated tissue regeneration (bone substitute materials and collagen materials) resulting in 45 papers in peer-reviewed journals and an h-index of 15 (Web of Science). His research has led to further elucidation of cellular fundamentals of foreign body responses to different biomaterials, with special focus on the role and differentiation of multi nucleated giant cells for tissue regeneration.

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