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Collagen Type 0 Whitepaper

Collagen from jellyfish predates the mammalian form by around 600 million years, when jellyfish first came into existence. Mammalian collagen is highly specialised to satisfy the biochemical requirements of mammals’ complex physiological systems. Collagen from jellyfish on the other hand has been categorised as Collagen Type 0 due to its versatility, ancient lineage and biochemical simplicity. Collagen Type 0 now offers researchers a revolutionary biomaterial for regenerative medicine, that has been 600 million years in the making.

In this whitepaper we will explore:

  • Where Collagen Type 0 comes from
  • Biocompatibility and anti-inflammatory properties of Collagen Type 0
  • How Collagen Type 0 can enhance healing, improve closing and reduce scarring in wounds. (case study)
  • Clinical Applications for Collagen Type 0







Why Collagen is The Best Matrix to Grow Cells

Cells are the building blocks of life. Their ability to adapt and perform critical functions are the basis of every living being that has ever been. But cells did not evolve to live in a lab. Instead, human cells prefer the body’s extracellular matrix, the three-dimensional network of collagen, enzymes, and glycoproteins that give cells their unique structural and biochemical support. Choosing the correct collagen matrix is more important now, than ever before.

This white paper will explore :

  • What cells need to successfully grow
  • The importance of collagen 
  • Challenges with existing collagen supplies 
  • Discover how Jellyfish collagen can be the future matrix of choice for cell culture and regenerative medicine.







The Future of Cell Culture

Culturing cells is no easy task. Because every cell type has its own unique needs, selecting an appropriate substrate is crucial to the cells success. What if there was a next generation collagen alternative that could make your cells happy again ? With this white paper, we will guide you through the future of cell culture protein.

This white paper will explore :

  • The key criteria for effective cell culturing and how to overcome the difficulties. 
  • The limits of existing collagen sources and why you may need alternative sources for your cells
  • How Jellyfish Collagen could make your cells happy again