Dr Alex Pretsch

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Skills & Competencies

Alex is highly experienced in isolation, identification and screening of marine natural products. He has more than ten patents and lots of publication in the field and discovered 2010 a totally novel polymeric biocide that is now entering the market. As studied marine biologist and biomedical expert he covers the topics polymer chemistry, screening based characterisation and product development. With his academic and industrial background he supports Jellagen in its research strategy and business development opportunities.

Alex has been appointed Member of the Jellagen Scientific Advisory Board in April 2018. He is Austrian and lives in Krems, Austria.

Alex studied biomedicine, biotechnology and biology with focus on infectious diseases and drug discovery and development. He is a leading expert in medicinal chemistry and the development of drugs with more than 15 years of experience in drug discovery and microbial research in academia and industry. He is a successful biotech entrepreneur and CEO, and has founded two marine drug discovery and development companies (SeaLife Pharma and Marinomed). Both companies developed successful marine polymers from the scratch to the market in the anti-infective and disinfection area. At the moment Alex is leading the Oxford Antibiotic Group that develops a total novel antibiotic class from Oxford University. Alex is member of several international Advisory Boards, was an Executive Board member in Pharmasea, an international marine discovery program, and has been teaching drug development at national and international universities for more than ten years.