Dr Mike Barbeck

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Skills & Competencies

Mike has a long experience in regenerative biomedical research working at institutes in Germany. He works on the research on the principles of biomaterial-mediated tissue regeneration (mainly the many different bone substitute and collagen materials) resulting in a variety of publications in peer-reviewed journals. His research leads to further elucidation of cellular fundamentals of the tissue responses to different biomaterials and their biocompatibility. Mike has a thorough understanding of cellular and molecular biology acquired through many years of experimental science practice. He is very experienced with in vitro and in vivo experiments using different complex protocols. His main topics are histology and histological preparations, histopathology and histomorphometry especially in the field of biomaterials. He brings to Jellagen a well-rounded biomedical and experimental perspective from both academic and industry vantage points that will suit Jellagen well in its quest to become a market leader in marine biotechnology.

Mike has been appointed Member of the Jellagen Scientific Advisory Board in 2020. He is German and lives in Berlin.

Mike is currently Managing Director for BerlinAnalytix GmbH, a company for preclinical in vitro and in vivo analyses as well as analyses of clinical biospiest that tests a variety of commercially available and newly developed Medical Devices. He is furthermore Managing Director for ScientiFy GmbH, a technology and innovation consultancy that supports new innovative products from research and development to market launch.

Dr. Mike Barbeck studied biology with focus on biomaterial discovery and development. He is a leading expert in biomaterial science and the development of new medical devices with more than 15 years of experience in academia and industry. Mike is member of several Advisory Boards and is also teaching biomaterial science at national and international universities.

In 2018, he co-founded BerlinAnalytix GmbH for repurposed biomedical research and development focused in biomaterials. Using histopathological and histomorphometrcial analysis methods he developed a new system for standardised and computational evaluation of the inflammatory tissue reactions to biomaterials focusing on macrophages and multinucleated giant cells as well as the connection between inflammation and tissue regeneration. Additonally, he joined the Institute for Materials Science and Technologies at the Technical University of Berlin, where his interests are in new biomaterials and biologicals for regenerative medicine.