Newable Private Investing (formerly London Business Angels) is a leading provider of early stage equity finance to potentially high growth companies through its sector focussed private investor groups, proprietary funds and co-investment partners. NPI is part of the wider Newable Group.

Newable strives to unleash the extraordinary potential of British business men and women. They place equal emphasis on the commercial return from and social impact of their activities.

Newable’s net assets were £49.4m at 31 March 2017. In the last financial year, our operating profit was £4m.

In the year to March 2017, Newable:

  • assisted 7,400 companies to increase their exports;
  • assisted nearly 1,200 companies to start exporting for the first time;
  • provided start-up, growth loans and enterprise support services to 1,300 people and businesses;
  • lent some £9m to small businesses;
  • provided innovation support to over 1,100 companies; and
  • created, acquired or managed business and industrial space to accommodate over 370 small businesses.