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About Jellagen

Founded in 2015, Jellagen is a UK-based biotechnology company that develops and manufactures medical grade Collagen Type 0 for use in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

It is our deep belief in building sustainable sources for critical biomaterials which do not carry the environmental and human health risks of traditional collagen sources.

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Expertise in the field of collagen

Through the application of its proprietary technologies and expertise in the field of collagen, Jellagen has built an extensive IP portfolio and substantial datasets demonstrating the unique advantages of its Collagen Type 0 over mammalian collagens for medical applications.

Jellagen develops Collagen Type 0 as an innovative biomaterial platform for a range of medical applications.

Our Team

Jellagen is led by a world-class team with experience across science, pharma, biotech, medical devices and investment banking. They bring strong commercial scientific, medical, clinical, and market development along with excellent commercial and business expertise.

Our specialist R&D team has over thirty years of expertise and know-how in biopolymer chemistry enabling innovative approaches to collagen fabrication.

Our Site

Jellagen operate out of a 10,000 square-foot R&D, manufacturing and commercial facility in Cardiff, Wales. We have top-spec laboratories, a class 7 clean room, and scalable manufacturing space all operating to ISO13485:2016 certification.

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Our collaborators

We know that to create smart and practical innovation we need to harness the knowledge and experience of the best in the world. We collaborate with universities, research laboratories and medical companies both big and small to create solutions that build on knowledge and deliver step changes in the application of collagen.

Our collaborators include:
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Our Investors

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