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  • What is Collagen Type 0?

    Collagen Type 0 is a chemically ancient medical-grade Collagen for use in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. As it is a non-hazardous marine-derived biomaterial, it does not suffer from religious issues of use and offers a safer route to regulators by being free from the risk of disease and prions. Studies show that Collagen Type 0 is non-immunogenic, pro-angiogenic, pro-tissue neogenic.

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  • What are the collagen characteristics?

    The essential characteristics of this fibrillar collagen are identifiable using techniques such as: infrared spectroscopy, circular dichroism, amino acid analysis and electron microscopy that highlight its triple helical structure, fibril forming capabilities and stability.

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  • What applications?

    Due to its chemical simplicity Collagen Type 0 can be used for a wide range of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. Some core applications include wound, bone, orthopaedic, dental.

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  • What formulations?

    Our specialist develops collagen in a wide range of formulations to suit any application or research goal. Formulations include but are not limited to; liquid, thin films, scaffolds, dressings, fibres, patches, implants, flowable matrix and hydrogels/Bioinks.

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  • Is Jellagen biomaterial cross linkable?

    Jellagen’s biomaterial can be cross linked with a variety of cross-linking agents.

  • Are you GMP certified?

    We operate under strict quality and regulatory standards, we are GMP ready and ISO13485:2016 certified.

  • Can Collagen Type 0 be used in cell culture?

    Yes, Collagen Type 0 has applications in both 2D and 3D cell culture.