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Collagen Type 0 is suitable for a wide range of scientific and medical applications.

Jellagen’s collagen has a large range of in vivo and in vitro applications and can be supplied in a variety of formulations to suit any project.

We are experts in the development, supply, and manufacturing of Collagen Type 0 primarily for use in:
Icon cartilage repair

Orthopaedics (ligaments & cartilage)

Formulations could include scaffolds, resorbable membranes, hydrogels and bone fillers.



Formulations could include collagen plugs and patches.

Icon bone repair


Formulations could include scaffolds and fillers.

Icon wound repair


Formulations could include collagen dressings, powder, flowable scaffolds, scaffolds and patches.

Cell therapy icon

Cell & Gene Therapy

Formulations could include hydrogels, pellets, sponges, films, gels and beads.


Cell Culture

Formulations could include collagen biomaterial, scaffolds and hydrogels.

Other applications include:



Formulations could include scaffolds, membranes & plugs.


Central Nervous System/Neurological

Formulations could include nerve wraps.


General, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Formulations could include fillers and sutures.

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Collagen Type 0 Whitepaper

Find out how Collagen Type 0 can revolutionise Regenerative Medicine

In this whitepaper we explore:

  • Where Collagen Type 0 comes from
  • Properties of Collagen Type 0
  • Biocompatibility and anti-inflammatory properties of Collagen Type 0
  • In Vivo wound case study
  • Clinical Applications for Collagen Type 0

Download Whitepaper