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230320 Bulk Filler Case Study 2

Collagen Type 0 as a non-mammalian bulk filler alternative for in vivo applications

Collagen is an ideal choice for injectable bulk fillers, the resorbable nature of collagen reduces the long-term risk of a granuloma compared to permanent filler options. Collagen also benefits from being formulated into flowable suspensions allowing for a smaller injection site at the target tissue than more viscous solutions.

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230320 Collagen Wounds Case Study 2

Collagen Type 0 in the treatment of wounds

Chronic wounds pose a significant healthcare burden, with 1-2% of the global population experiencing a chronic wound during their lifetime. Collagen Type 0 has proven biocompatibility, biodegradability, low immunogenicity, and cell-adhesive properties, therefore, Collagen Type 0 is an ideal biomaterial for the reconstruction of tissue in vivo.

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230320 Orthopaedic Case Study 2

Collagen Type 0 biocompatibility and suitability for orthopaedic applications

Collagen plays a crucial role in bone regeneration by providing a scaffold for new bone tissue to grow on. It acts as a supportive structure for osteoblasts, which are responsible for generating new bone. The presence of collagen fibres in the bone matrix also helps to provide strength and stability to the new tissue. Additionally, collagen has been shown to promote angiogenesis, providing the necessary nutrients and oxygen for bone tissue to regenerate. Collagen Type 0 provides biocompatibility and adhesive properties for both cell culture and bone tissue engineering applications.

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