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Jellagen and Cellaria Inc develop next-generation models for cancer research

  • Jellagen is an innovative biotech company and the only global manufacturer and distributor of Collagen Type 0 – a biomedical platform for tissue engineering research, cell culture and biochemistry
  • Collagen Type 0 – derived from jellyfish – has proven to be superior in several medical applications compared with traditional mammalian-derived collagens, and provides a “neutral” cellular scaffold
  • Jellagen is partnering with Cellaria Inc, to provide Collagen Type 0 as the cell-culture scaffold for the development of new products modelling the benefit of targeted cancer therapies and patient-specific screening


Jellagen® is pleased to announce a new partnership with Cellaria Inc, a scientific innovator developing next-generation models for cancer research.

Cellaria delivers patient-specific model systems for drug screening and disease research, providing foundational information for the development of treatments in multiple disease areas, most notably, targeted cancer therapies. Jellagen’s proprietary biomaterial, Collagen Type 0 provides a neutral scaffold that has no external influence on the behaviour of cells, supporting researchers in identifying the most effective treatments tailored to each patient’s specific needs.

“We are delighted to see that the potential of Collagen Type 0 as the foundation for clinical research and development is being recognised by other equally ambitious and innovative biotechnology companies.” said Mr Thomas-Paul Descamps, Jellagen’s Chief Executive Officer. “We are excited that through our partnership with Cellaria, we can support oncology research and move ever closer to finding innovative and targeted solutions for people with cancer.”

Jellagen’s new partnership will see Collagen Type 0 used as an essential part of Cellaria’s 3D model systems, providing clear and actionable information prior to drug candidate selection and clinical trial design for novel therapies.

“We are constantly looking to innovate and improve our models to support research into novel and targeted therapies for people with hard-to-treat diseases,” added Cellaria’s President and Founder, David Deems. “Our mission is to develop and build models to revolutionise and accelerate the search for better, and more personalised, treatments and with Jellagen’s support, we feel closer than ever to realising this ambition for people affected by disease.”


Co-culture with MSC in 1:1 ratio spheroids embedded in crosslinked 25% JellaGel, captured at day 3 and stained with cytoplasmic membrane dies, cancer – green, MSC – red.

About Cellaria

Cellaria Inc’s mission is to develop and build more informative disease cell models to revolutionise and accelerate the search for a cure. The company provides a suite of products and services that are actionable, replicable, and that originate from a patient’s unique specimens. With 7 years of research and development, Cellaria’s solutions better enable disease researchers to select promising compounds and ultimately identify the most effective treatment for each patient’s needs. This helps lead the research community to more personalised therapeutics, revolutionising and accelerating the search for a cure and/or personalised treatments.

Find out more about Cellaria’s 3D and Organoid tools and methods at: or email


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